Friday, December 19, 2008

Mom: 1, Hubris: 0

I came home from work today and absentmindedly turned on my computer as I picked up a plastic bottle from my desk and took it to my recycling. I turned back and saw an ominous black screen with a blinking cursor.

I leaned in and looked at it and restarted my computer.

Blinking cursor.


Blinking cursor.


Blink _ ing _ cur _ sor

I did what any rational person would do I immediately called Nik and then texted Bryce. The two individuals that can usually find out what error messages are all about.

Nikki was busying happy hour-ing it up with her colleagues. I secretly wished I was as well.

Bryce texted back a simple and peaceful text that either my hard drive was fried or it wasn't plugged in.

I looked at my surge protector and saw it was plugged in and proceeded to unplug every USB connector until I had just my screen and tower plugged in.

Blinking cursor.

I then moved those two plug-ins another power strip.

Success! So I thought, there must have been an electric disturbance in my house and my surge protector gave its life for my non-turned on electronics. Thank you, you've been good to me for eight years surge protector.

I went to the dreaded Waldemart and purchased a new lovely power strip with childproof plug-ins; just in case Beth visits.

As I was plugging everything back in I squatted down on the ground and plugged back in my last USB port when I squinted and saw what looked to be a headphone jack. I gasped and recalled this conversation two days ago with my mother:

Me: I just want speakers with a headphone jack, the new ones I got don't have them.
Mom: Our computer has a headphone jack in the tower.
Me: Mom, yours is new mine is eight years old.
Mom: Yeah, but our computer has a headphone jack... I think I mean I haven't been on it in a while.
Me: Mom, my computer is not like yours.
Mom: Okay... so what kind of speakers?

I called my Mom this evening and started off the conversation the way anyone would like to hear: "I'm going to tell you a story that ends with, 'You were right.'".

Sometimes just when you think you know more about computers than your parents they sneak in and hit you over the head with repetitive observations.

Ceasing Ramble.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

But What Are You Going to Do for Family?!

I just read my friend Mel's blog about her choice to not have children and nodded at her statements. I had made a comment today as my co-worker left work early (although she asked me first because she's considerate) to pick up her son as the school district got out early due to snow/ice/winter mix that one day I'm going to call in sick for my stuffed animals.

I don't have a kid. I don't have a roommate.

So under the guidelines of our sick leave I can't take any unless my parents are in the hospital, (Which I never updated - my Mom's surgeries went fabulously and her medications are reducing because of it!) so I should be able to call in sick for the basis of mental health.

Single individuals have certain expectations on them as if somehow our lives are not as significant enough because our needs are not pushed to the backburner for our child. I don't mind the flexibility that I can give my co-worker and others because I'm easy to count on as my responsibilities extend to the tips of my own fingers.

I've made the same choice though. To be selfish. I'm so selfish right now that even though I'd love a cat, I'm not adopting one because of travel plans I have that wouldn't be nice to leave a cat alone when it's trying to adjust to a new home.

One of my aunts asked me when I informed her that I would not be having children, ever. "But what are you going to do for family?!" I pointed to the exhuberant cousins and second cousins running around my Grandmother's like miniature pixies on speed and said, "I've already got the family."

And in all honesty I have friends that can be like children often, we all switch off who is the parent figure depending on who is acting like a child, but my parenting gene oozes out of me.

I know I'd be a great Mom, but I also know I'm too selfish right now.

I'm never going to give birth to a child.

But I wouldn't mind adopting one that can form full sentences of why they are angry, crying, laughing, or being a general pain.

Communcation is Key.

And my student worker B and I say. No babies.

Ceasing Ramble.