Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Pt. 1

I love almost everything that Joss Whedon influences or touches. And the new lovely to grace the web is that of a musical blog that was penned and performed during the WGA strike. I impolre you to click on this lovely graphic and take a look what reduces me to giggles and another way to unabashedly love Neil Patrick Harris.

Also, I'm quite happy that Nathan Fillion is still a ham and a half, with possible hamhock thrown in...

And that my favorite potential has a darling singing voice, oh Vi, how underused I felt you were in that final season, she of the caps.

So go, shoo, watch some 13 plus minutes of goodness and then download it from iTunes and help give the studios a nice show of what creative awesomeness with a touch of freedom can do.

Long live the internets!

Ceasing Ramble.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Long Weekend

Over a long weekend, that started with my mother going through a 'simple procedure' that some might call brain surgery, I lamented about how I rarely write anymore and that I am a sometimes funny individual.

My friend (Nikki*) told me I needed to blog again.

This is a continued failed endeavor as my blogging nature is usually disturbed by something shiny, a noise in the room, or the ever sneakily present life (that is somehow boring and active at the same time).


So I deleted my old blog, am thinking about deleting some other far forgotten profiles on 'social networking sites', that really are becoming some odd popularity game, but sadly a good way to keep track of my brother.

I also would like to state that while I try to spell correctly there will be abundant misuse of commas, ellipses... and the various tidbits used for proper sentence structure. Grammar as much as I try is not a friend of mine, but a long distant relative that shows up to scoff at the thought that a colon belongs where I put it.

"Silly niece, semi-colons are for adult-like people who paid attention in linguistics courses."

I'm not promising anything as entertaining as my friends, but now with a few more life experiences under my belt and hopefully the ability to be somewhat candid I'll be as entertaining as I like to think I am in the dark, dank, dampness of night when no one is looking or listening. At this time of evening I read aloud to myself in accents I pretend are correct.

I might also have a penchant for long sentences that try to go somewhere, but are destined for failure.

*Used with newly acquired permission.

Ceasing Ramble.