Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 6: 30 Days of TV - Favorite Episode of Your Favorite Show

Day 6: Favorite episode of your favorite show

I'm biased.

So. So. So. Biased.

My favorite episode is 7x05 Selfless.

The reason this is my favorite episode?

Shall be answered in a pic spam, gushing, and video embedding that I feel the need to actually do a cut.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 5: 30 Days of TV - A Show You Hate

Day 5: A show that you hate


I hate Smallville.

Which is big news coming from a girl who loves all things Superman. I was so excited when the promos came out for this show.

Look at how awesome it is! Clark is in the middle of a cornfield strung up like a scarecrow with a S painted on his chest! He's wearing a kryptonite necklace!

I was so excited of this show that the above poster festooned my residence hall room as I counted down the days to the premiere. I would geek out about the things they did right and loved that they cast his parents as Bo Duke and the original Lana Lang from the Superman movies.

And Allison Mack was amazing as the original character of Chloe...

But then it really started sucking. A lot.

I would keep trying to tune in, but it just infuriated me more and more each time I would watch it. While they would get images and the score was quiet good, the constant pounding over our heads that Lana was the almighty from heaven and Chloe was second banana just.. didn't ring true.

It also made me detest poor Kristen Kreuk who was later fond to be lovely on Chuck.

I finally just stopped watching because of how mad it made me. No matter how much I loved the character of Chloe and how much I loved Superman and origin stories Smallville ripped out all the good and pooped on it.

And don't even get me started on how it's STILL on air while Buffy and Angel are not.


And check in on the others...

Ceasing Ramble.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 4 : 30 Days of TV - Your Favorite Show of All-Time

Day 4 - Your favorite show of all-time

Yes, I'm going to say the exact same thing as one of my fellow friend bloggers.

Who have blogged about my two most favorite television shows ever.

Jessie and Nikki

I thought about it for a moment and I wonder if the reason the show won was because it finished at a later date, but then realized... no I went to a (read three) conventions and a film festival because of the fandom with this show.

Yes, Buffy the Vampire Slayer is beating out The X-Files.

I love nearly everything about Buffy. It's the show that really got me started breaking down the way to write, how grammar can be twisted into new forms, and that I should never, ever state out loud in a Joss Whedon show who my favorite character is because they will die.

This is the show that I wrote fanfic for, joined an RPG for, went to conventions for, got over my incredible shyness amongst new people for, and dove into literary and film theory for...

I also wrote papers in college for linguistics, wrote a comparison of Greek view of women and Buffy (thank you Restless for using Sappho's poetry) and did my senior seminar project involving Buffy.

I was a year younger than Buffy and the Scoobies and grew up with them through some very formative years. I like to share Buffy with friends. It's almost a test, that I try not to rig seeing what they like, hate, and who they love.

Buffy made me laugh, cry, and be so proud to see a female save the world when only men had been doing so for so long. It gave me a smart female friend who changed my view on what it was to be gay. It gave me the ability to see that parents sometimes mean the best when they discipline. It showed the bond of love between sisters.

But most of all it gave me the vision that the sarcastic, blunt comedic relief is always more and sometimes are the most fragile and open among us all.

Watch it.

And when you do; don't look at the surface of the plot, look above it.

In Buffy character came first and the plot was moved by the characters...

Also, it gave me Jane Espensen.

I could go on writing a sappy love letter to Buffy, but instead I'll just leave you with my English Senior Seminar video and (hopefully) the scene that it was based off of.

And check in on the others...

Ceasing Ramble.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 3: 30 Days of TV - Favorite New Show (2010)

Day 3: Your favorite new show that started in 2010.

My favorite new show of the year I found about in an odd way. On a Frontier Airlines flight to California. They were showing short previews of shows on the TVs in front of our faces. Pretty brilliant with the mostly bored and mostly captive audience.

I recognized some of the actors and then there was singing. So I was hooked... even with the baby being involved.

It's a warm and wacky family comedy centered around the product of a one-night stand with a serial killer.

How fun!

The writing is tight, the deliveries are spot on and the male lead is endearing, which I wasn't sure he'd be able to pull off with the razzle dazzle that was surrounding him. But he has.

It has Martha Plimpton as a hording cleaning lady. (I know you loved Goonies as much as I). Garrett Dillahunt as a very well intentioned lawn service man. (Did you watch the Sarah Conner Chronicles? He is funny too!). They play the too young to be grandparents... grandparents.

And then there is occasional bits of non sequiter gold with Chloris Leachmen as Maw Maw a semi-nude octagarian who has Alzhimer's.

Oh and the out of his league, but so cute and sarcastic Shannon Woodward as Sabrina.

I mean lookit her.

This is the show that is on after that show on Fox with singing and barely any continuity.

Stick around and watch it.

And check in on the others...

Ceasing Ramble.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 2: 30 Days of TV - You Wish More People Were Watching...

Day 2: A show that you wish more people were watching (currently on).

This is not hard for me as I always wish this and repeatedly say it out loud to many of my friends.

I wish more people were watching Chuck on NBC.

I mean it's all of my Kryptonites all together in one package of Awesome.

It has action, spy adventure and intrigue, romance, all wrapped up and hugged with the legs of comedy

The show also reinvents itself every season that it's on TV. It has a successful fan campaign to come back for another season when it was on the bubble (again).

But mostly. That show has heart.

It has pretty.

And pretty hot.

And Jeffster.

Also somehow every single guest star when shown in a preview of I see the name flash up on the screen is perfect. I actually said, "Wow, Nicole Richie can act!" and "Who knew that Kristen Kruek is so likeable!"

The nods to pop culture geekdom are well played and honor the nerd, geek, dork, or dweeb in all of us. Not since Buffy have I gushed so much about a show, but somehow... I don't have people to fangirl with and it is so very upsetting.

Especially when I know they would all love it as much as me.

So watch it already.

And check in on the others...

Ceasing Ramble.

Day 1: 30 Days of TV - Canceled Before Its Time

I clicked on a Twitter link of @hhoagie to her friend's blog last night and found a meme they were participating in called 30 Days of TV.

My eyebrows raised and my lips pursed out as I said to myself, "I like TV. I should do this..."

Hopefully you'll find this entertaining, get a show to watch out of this, or just be impressed that I start and finish something that has writing in it.

Day 1: A show that should never have been canceled.

My mind swirled around for this one I filtered through the shows that I lament on not getting to see have one more season: Firefly, Veronica Mars, Trauma (which I think I might be the only one who watched this show...)

But the one that kept coming back was Wonderfalls.

This delightful show was cut down too quickly by the Fox network (the masters of the single season cancellation). Many thought that the premise of the show; a recent university graduate with a degree in philosophy stuck in a job at a gift store in Niagara Falls who just so happened to be the reluctant conduit for messages via gift store items... to help people, was a lesser copy of the hit show Joan of Arcadia.

It wasn't.

It was better.

The snarky humor, amazing supporting cast, smart writing, fate vs. destiny, made the one and only season a bitter pill to swallow.

Oh and let's talk about that supporting cast for a moment.

Lee Pace of the also brilliant Pushing Daises as Jaye's lackadaisical brother.

Tracie Thoms of Cold Case and the movie RENT as Jaye's best friend.

Katie Finneran the recent Tony award winner from Promises, Promises as Jaye's overbearing sister. Actually I could go on for days about Katie Finneran, but I am hoping that someone who hasn't seen the show will watch it and find her as delectable as I did.

Then there is the overly cute Tyron Leitso of Being Erica and The Big C as the possible love interest for Jaye.

Guest spots by Jewel Staite and Sarah Drew only add to the caliber of acting and nuances that have me so enamored with anything to do with the show I will watch anything that an actor who was in it will appear in, like the lead Caroline Dhavernas is going to be in the new medical drama Off the Map in January, done and done.

It still impresses me the group of people that were brought together under Bryan Fuller's direction.

Just talking about this show makes me salivate for more.

(Yes, I know I have sprinkled this entry with food based descriptors... it's because the show is a treat in itself).

But I mean look...

Wouldn't you watch that show?

Ceasing Ramble.

Edited to Add:

All of Wonderfalls is actually on YouTube. I did not spend time at work with it playing.

Also if you'd like to follow along below are the friends also blogging.