Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Am Not a Morning Person

I have very strange sleep patterns. It's something that's always been true in my life and I only remember two nights that I ever slept through the entire night. One I was in Germany and I had been awake for 36 hours because I cannot sleep in planes, trains, or automobiles. The other I was sick, sick, sick.

As you may have noticed I haven't blogged in a weeks.

It's because I have realized I have zero intrinsic motivation. It's always extrinsic, being why the guilt works fabulous for me if I feel I'm letting someone down then I'm more likely to do something.

That something, is of course exercise and I've asked Kamiah to call me when she gets up in the morning. She politely reminded me that she gets up at 5:20 am. I reminded her that I was serious.

I can wake up very easy and sound very awake, but I can also fall back asleep pretty easily as Mia found out yesterday as she called me we chatted and when I hung up I went back to sleep.

Today she didn't fall for my cheery and chipper voice and actually made me say that I would "get up and get moving" which I'm pretty sure is a slogan of something somewhere.

So I did.

And 2.01 miles later I'm sitting around not sure what to do with my hour I have before work, but perhaps I'll watch some of The Today Show, which I've missed.

I generally will roll out of bed at 7:30 am it's the nice part of living so close to work.

Miles Walked: 10.415
Circuit Training
Beginner: 1 set - 3
Beginner: 2 sets - 2

Monday, October 11, 2010

I Did Not, Infact, Die

Yes, I realize that I didn't blog for a week.

It seems without a daily nice conversation with Kamiah that I cannot force myself to do anything. I need the slight guilt. It helps me when I don't think I'm disappointing anyone.

Also, I forgot how draining enrollment season can be. Enrollment, where my days exist of back to back student appointments where they try to give up all traces of being an adult and just have me plan their lives. Which, I could do, I'm good at it, but that's not why I am an advisor.

Tuesday and Wednesday evening I worked athlete enrollment that is group enrollment in a hot and stuffy computer lab trying to work around practice commitments and the 'wants' of "Coach" many of the sports are a delight to work with and many of the athletes continue to rise above the stereotype of a college athlete. Because I work at a Division II school where you play not just for the scholarship, but for the degree. It's why I like Division II.

Granted to say that getting home late did not make me want to do anything, so I didn't.

Then I compared my weight drop to Wednesday's weight gain and went on a tailspin of GRAH.

I'm over that.

I just kicked my circuit workout's ass.

I'm not sure if it was seeing A Chorus Line over the weekend and wishing to have the drive of those dancers. Wanting something so bad that you work so hard at it... and for that to be a backup job supporting the lead.

There are two spots of A Chorus Line that break my heart. The beginning together walk to the line and slamming the headshots in front of their faces to show them as a resume, a factory line.

And then the end when they have become the factory line, we love One. We know the words, we saw them learn the steps, but now they're all alike. After spending 90 minutes knowing them individually you barely can pick them apart.

I could write sonnets, lyrical poems, and treaties on A Chorus Line, but really it's the feelings that it gives me that take me back to it every time I can.

Or it was just that the week is new and Kamiah's home.

Miles Walked: 8.405
Circuit Training
Beginner: 1 set - 3
Beginner: 2 sets - 2

Here's to a better week.

Ceasing Ramble.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Tomorrow is Gonna Hurt So Good

The weekend was lovely.

I went to the Royals game on Saturday and met up with Jenny. We walked around the stadium. I nearly caught a baseball. We stared at the ball still in the fountain. We went to the Hall of Fame and continued walking around the stadium, finally sitting down during the fourth inning. A full three hours of standing, walking, moseying, and telling hilarious stories while waiting to get our free soda for being designated drivers. I love the K.

I also may have nearly agreed to do the swimming leg of a relay triathlon. It's like Jenny had researched all my comebacks to say no. I'll get into that later.

On Sunday I headed to my parents where I played free IT "expert". I taught my Mom that her computer did, in fact, have a DVD player, but her broken collarbone and Parkinson's has made using the mouse in her left hand hard to control.

She asked at lunch for "a dvd player bought, hooked up, and a tutorial" so I went to the happy local superstore and got a dvd player for 35 dollars. I was not aware they are practically giving away dvd players for so cheap, thank you Blu-Ray.

Then began the very long process of teaching my Mom how to switch from the TV to the DVD player and back. I actually put gold nail polish on the "component/input" button and then wrote out what I thought were really really really simple instructions. It seemed difficult for her, which has sent me on a worry fest.

She's never been fabulous with electronics, but I wonder if it's that my Dad commandeers the remote or if perhaps there is something else going on.

Nevertheless it's going to make me check up on my parents more than I have before.

And onto the workout!

Miles Walked: 8.405
Circuit Training
Beginner: 1 set - 3
Beginner: 2 sets - 1

Yes, that's right I upped the circuit workout to add in a second set and while I nearly threw up during the cool down I did achieve a couple things.

We've heard my struggle with the plank so I have changed to a modified plank hoping to work on my form and hold it longer. I was able to in each set do 2 modified planks for 60 seconds each. I really thought I was going to bite it on the last one, but it felt good to accomplish that. Hopefully I'll be able to work up to 3 modified planks for 60 seconds each and then take it to the full plank.

Tomorrow is going to hurt. I can already see it coming. I just hope my thighs don't hurt when I walk down stairs. I can handle everything else without becoming a whiny baby.

Back to the a leg of a triathlon. It's at Smithville Lake (or Smithville) 500 meters and in July. I love swimming and this finally might get me to commit to getting a pool pass to the community center (insert Beth's joke here about a pass to the pool).

Ceasing Ramble

Friday, October 1, 2010

Let's Walk... Outside

I put off walking tonight for a good long while.

This being after I didn't do cardio on Wednesday because I was meeting Beth and Daniel at the Royals game for some shenanigans. I ended up actually seeing a baseball in the fountain and was so upset that I didn't think ahead like Zack Hample and bring my own water retrieval device. (And if you don't know Zack or haven't heard of him check out both the blog and his website. He's a stand-up guy who catches baseballs for charity.)

So instead I just emo tweeted about it and took a picture.

And then Beth took some other ones with her camera that apparently have me reaching desperately for the ball. I told her that I would get the ball when I go back tomorrow. I am fully determined to copy Zack's device and will fully credit him as well as re-read Watching Baseball Smarter, which he signed, great baseball book.

Hm, after re-reading Zack's entry on the colander I'm not sure that I'll be able to get the ball off the bottom of the fountain. We'll see.

That leads us to Thursday and the nap of death, followed by Grey's (Yay! Arizona!), and then my subsequent dead zone of sleep.

After chatting with Kamiah we talked about the exercise plan for tonight and Saturday and I'm pretty sure I can stick to it.

Tonight I decided to do the cardio and then I came home and sat down and watched my taped Project Runways and sighed about getting on the treadmill. So I decided to walk outside and after I had left my house I remembered a few vital things.

1. At 8:19 at night the sun is down.
2. I live in the ghetto part of the Burg where we don't believe in street lights.
3. While I was wearing a bright orange/white/green baseball cap I stupidly had a black t-shirt on.

I walked around my neighborhood and got out to the highway and looped back around enjoying the inclines on the road and not seeing numbers tick away in front of me.

Then a red Monte Carlo passed by me going very slowly. I had my music up loud, but they had the window rolled down and I thought I heard a squeaking sound. I kept walking. About eight minutes later the Monte Carlo came by again this time behind me and passed by... and I realized that I was in the middle of the Pet Smart commercial where they try to find the dog by squeaking a toy out the window.

I nearly asked them the third time what type of dog and what the dog's name was since I still had some time left before I hit thirty minutes, but I didn't.

Two minutes before I was done a black lab trotted up alongside me and I wondered if he was the dog they were looking for, but he wouldn't let me touch his collar to see if he had tags on.

Miles Walked: I'm not sure I'll check in the morning
Circuit: Beginner - 3

Ceasing Ramble.