Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 22: 30 Days of TV - Favorite Season Finale

Day 22: Favorite Season Finale

I didn't even have to think. It's Six Feet Under.

Six Feet Under was a fantastic show, with a great premise, actors from all walks of life came through the Fisher & Sons home and they lived in it.

My instant answer to this question of Best, Favorite, Most Moving, etc.etc. finale will always be Six Feet Under. While many shows take you successfully on an arc with the characters you never quite feel the completion  that you do with the Fisher family at the end of this hour of television.

I recently forced Beth to finally finish this series because I knew I would be writing about it for this day. She had heard numerous friends and random people declaring out loud in a fashion almost as fervent as people talk about politics, religion, and  secret family recipes. It took her two years to plug through the series and I know why, Beth is about experiencing any form of artistic culture in a community type setting.

Music, art, movies, television are always better when she can share them with someone. It's why we go to so many things together and why going to the movie theatre is still something that is a deep down need for her and I sometimes. Art is about sharing an emotional experience with others... even if it's just sitting beside them on the couch and sharing the same air.

This morning when I was able to talk with her about this series finale I felt a little more complete, because now another of my friends is breathing that same air with me. And when television can make you feel... when it elevates itself from an hour of forgettable programming (I'm looking at you Two and a Half Men) to something that you need others to experience.

That's something to write a blog about.

If you haven't watched the series, please don't watch this clip. Do yourself the favor invest in five seasons with the Fishers, you'll thank me for it when you can take that deep body rattling breath when you see the screen fade to white at the end of the series, like it does every episode.

But this time, you know... it's ended for good.

Why am I not talking about it in depth? Because I could talk about the below ten minutes for days. I probably will as Beth and I walk along the sidewalks of Weston this Saturday, most likely holding hands, swinging them playfully back and forth as we window shop.

But you should watch the show, everybody's waiting for you.

Ceasing Ramble.

P.S. - The sensory reaction I have to Sia's - Breath Me, is always cathartic every time. I always put it on a workout or driving play list. It centers me into stripping away the outside world and remembering why I'm here, what I'm doing, and where I'll be going.

Day 21: 30 Day of TV - Favorite Relationship

Day 21: 30 Days of TV

Favorite relationship (romantic, friendship, child/parent)

My favorite relationship on TV is between Veronica and Keith Mars as played by Kristen Bell and Enrico Colantoni. 

They followed the same type of parent/child relationship that had been rooted in the WB/CW starting with the Joyce and Buffy relationship's later years, Loralie and Rory in Gilmore Girls, but took it to the level that it felt so immensely genuine and real. 

They supported each other through the abrupt loss of social status, wife/mother, but they also could become furious at actions that the other did all through the lens of love. Because these two were out to protect each other as much as their own Backup would protect them. 

What really set them apart though was the sense of humor they had with each other and the playful poking

Time and time again they showed each other what true love and trust is in a parent/child relationship. There are times when you falter and when you fail, but because of the rock solid base of this relationship it showed you through each season and as Veronica matured as a character and woman how her father would support her in every endeavor.

Even if they don't fully support the person who is part of the endeavor.

I believe that this relationship is the basis we are now seeing of supportive single parent and child families on television most notably Castle and Alexis on ABC's Castle (which I feel horrible for not writing about yet and had toyed about writing about Castle and Beckett for this too).

I think that the use of emotion, support, love and humor is refreshing in a father and daughter relationship on television where usually the mother is forefront in the parenting arena.

Do you have enough reasons now to watch/re-watch Veronica Mars yet?

Or perhaps are intrigued enough to watch Castle?

If so, mischief managed.

Ceasing Ramble.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 20: 30 Days of TV - Favorite Kiss

Day 20: Favorite Kiss

I'm cheating a little bit. I'm going to break it up into time periods of my life.

Childhood - In childhood, kissing was either gross or funny and usually I landed on the funny side of the fence. This is my favorite kiss from my childhood.

Yes, Bugs Bunny's infamous smooch that he laid on Elmer Fudd more than we knew. Perhaps they were Kirk/Spock before we had even thought of it.  Buggs even cross-dressed too, how progressive Looney Tunes.

Adolescence - It's no secret I loved soap operas. They were the maudlin release to such an overwrought teenage self. The romance that pulled me in on General Hospital was Robin Scorpio and Stone Cates. As soaps are wont to do they inject social commentary and health issues right into the arm of many relationships. Robin and Stone's was of HIV/AIDS. I apologize for the quality of the clip, it's the best I could find on YouTube, but in the final scenes with Stone the simple act of a kiss broke my heart.

This was still in a time when HIV/AIDS was a scary unknown and lead me to realize that you can touch and even kiss a person infected with this indiscriminate killer. For a young teenager this storyline put faces to a disease I had only vaguely heard about and humanized it. I think it is the best storyline that General Hospital has done and I'm happy to see that they're continuing the discussion of HIV/AIDS with the return of Robin.

College - Interestingly enough my college years battled with three shows; the ending of The X-Files, Buffy, and JAG. Yes, JAG. And this kiss while I was screaming no at the screen (I'm very against characters cheating) my inner self was fist pumping a big Hoorah!

As you can see I was still really into the DRAMA! at that point.

Post-College (Columbia) - This is when the L Word premiered and was good for approximately one and a half seasons. Again I found myself rooting for a kiss that had cheating tied to it, what personal angst for me!

Graduate School - In Graduate School I didn't really watch a lot of television because, well I was doing homework and oh yeah, I opted to not have internet or cable at my house. So I'd just poach off of other friends. What I did do though... was watch a lot of television on dvd, but I did always make sure to watch Veronica Mars.

And I always cheer for the less popular "good guy". Sadly I can't embed this so you'll have to click on the link to go all in.

Nowadays - Now, with Netflix streaming and glorious HD cable I watch a lot of television. It's nearing ridiculous proportions.

But this one.. it's all about hope to me and unexpected hope at that. Yes, it's quite a bit of scene, but pretend that you don't like every bit. (Btw, the part about the six-pack to an AA meeting 125% true).

Please disagree with me and tell me why or what your favorites are...

Ceasing Ramble.

Day 19: 30 Days of TV - Best Ensemble Cast

Day 19: Best Ensemble Cast

A lot of times when you think of an ensemble cast you're thinking of dramas like ER.

Not me, I always go for comedy. The timing in comedy is so much harder than drama and then... you get wonderful payoffs when there are moments that play serious in a comedy.

This cast was never lauded as being great or winning numerous awards. They hung on by a nail to get renewed and they gel-ed as an entire cast better than I have seen (since Mary Tyler Moore).

I'm talking about the cast of Scrubs.

They could hit all the notes and do it well. Aside from the very over the top moments I honestly think that this is closer to how a hospital operates than any drama has shown us. With morbid humor, doctors that range from obsessed with their work to obsessed with being an ass to the other doctors. Nurses that know more about patients and cases than any one else there.. and a janitor that everyone forgets to ask his name.

But if you haven't say Welcome to Sacred Heart for laughs... and a few tears.

Ensemble High Five!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Is it March Yet?

I don't like seeing this on the weather radar.

Tomorrow is going to be ugh.

Ceasing Ramble.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 18: 30 Days of TV - Favorite Title Theme

Day 18: Favorite Title Theme

Today's blog is like asking a crack addict to remember their best high. It's always the last one. I love title sequences and theme songs so much that Beth and I had a "TV Theme War" in college where we would download theme songs and play them to one-up each other. She ended up winning with a little green ball of clay.

So instead I'm going to walk you through the best title themes and then end with my favorites with some commentary along the way.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 17: 30 Days of TV - Best Miniseries

Day 17: Best miniseries

I'm a sucker for miniseries. It's like a marathon that I know will have quality storytelling, acting, editing, music, and EPICNESS! I was thinking between two miniseries for this either Battlestar Galactica or Band of Brothers.

Until I remembered Into the West. Into the West aired on TNT and followed two different sects of families the Wheelers in Virginia and a tribe of Lakota it follow them through generations from the young days of Jacob Wheeler setting out across the plains his path twisting together with the Lakota Thunder Heart Woman.  It feels like a western miniseries along the lines of Lonesome Dove, but it's better in every way (mostly there is not close-up pause of a snake killing someone in a river).

It twists through events of our dimly remembered frontier days and the music by Geoff Zenilli is heart-stopping. As king of the miniseries Stephen Spielberg gathers the best group to bring a vision to fruition, but really the reason to watch is Tonantzin Carmelo's portrayal of Thunder Heart Woman.

See, even Sarah likes it.

Oh and for Joss fans there are parts doled out for Alan Tudyk and Christian Kane.

When I dug into the miniseries (through DVD) Dany can attest when she would ask what I was doing it normally involved the words, "Watching Into the West and crying." or "Watching Into the West and laughing that Jessica Capshaw is playing a woman who just delivered a baby.. she's the ancestor of Dr. Robbins!"

It is six-parts and is a great way to spend a lazy weekend or sick days. I'm going to foist this on my father when I spend a week off work hanging with my parents as my Mom recovers from surgery. I think he'd appreciate a little bit of Western and I'll appreciate the strong female characters.. oh and the music.

Ceasing Ramble.

Day 16: 30 Days of TV - Guilty Pleasure Show

Day 16: Your guilty pleasure show

A guilty pleasure show, for me, means that it's something that not necessarily all of my friends watch, but that I find such joy when I realize that someone watches it. Mostly because it's a reality show on Bravo.

But it's Top Chef.

Amongst my friends reality television is not the best thing ever to watch, but I always like to pretend that since Top Chef is a talent based competition show that it is better than the other "reality" shows.

The only thing that I wished came with Top Chef was smell-o-vision and I'd like a bite of that ability. I get pulled into the editing and squeal like a fangirl when it's one of the episodes where Gail is judging. I will have favorites that I know are formed around how the "writers" and editing team put together an episode.

There have been seasons when I was so angry at the winning chef, but I don't have the ability to taste the food so what do I know?

I will watch all forms of Top Chef, I did try to watch Top Chef Just Desserts, but the casting choices didn't have me rooting for anyone besides the judges, which... is odd. 

All I know is that I still have an unwavering love of Casey Thompson. I want to eat at her restaurant, but I don't really know if I ever want to meet her, although searching for her website I did just find her twitter account.

Ceasing Ramble.

Day 15: 30 Days of TV - Favorite Female Character

Day 15: Favorite female character

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking this is easy peasy and I'm going to say Anya on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

You're wrong.

Instead I'm choosing a strong petite woman who stands by her convictions, finds the cold hard facts, and tries to believe what she can't see... she works the case and tries not to invest too much of herself into it so she can be objective, but normally loses that battle... because she's a marshmallow

My favorite female character is Veronica Mars. If you thought I was going to say Dana Scully instead you were really close, but Veronica as played by Kristen Bell feels a bit more 'real' and by real I mean that I believe young girls like her exist. Smart and snarky girls who are displaced from a niche or group and are treading water trying to find who they are without what they know defines them. Hm. Seems I like characters that move from defining themselves by others and connections to defining themselves through THEMSELVES.

If there actually is a perfect season of television it is the first season of Veronica Mars and that is because of the characterization of our heroine. (Yes perfect, I'll arm wrestle you because I believe it that strongly). She's a fallen angel from the world of the privileged 09-er zip code in Neptune, California. She also happens to help her father with his private investigation business in her spare time.

Also she's completely awesome.

I could care less about the romantic story lines running through this show and I'll get to it later on in the challenge why. This was smart TV and should be feasted on over and over again.

If you've ever watched the show, start over and watch it again. If you haven't get ready to fall in love so deeply that you perhaps like me don't watch the final two episodes for two years because you can't bare for it to be finished.

Ceasing Ramble.

Day 14: 30 Days of TV - Favorite Male Character

Day 14: Favorite male character.

I had many characters floating through my brain from different eras of my television watching: Grover (Sesame Street), Hushpuppy (Lambchop's Play-Along), Alex P. Keaton (Family Ties), Dick Van Dyke (The Dick Van Dyke Show), Lou Grant (The Mary Tyler Moore Show), Zack Morris (Saved by the Bell), Chuck, Rick Castle, but I finally settled on one.

Dr. Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap as played by Scott Bakula.

I rooted for him every week to find a way home while getting to see small vignettes throughout the history of our country. It played with time and technology and gave Scott Bakula the ability to stretch his range showcasing comedy, drama, and at times music.

Quantum Leap is one of the few shows that my entire family came together into our snug basement every week to watch the episodes. I was eight when the show started and was fascinated with the idea of time travel and ate up the slices of the past it was feeding me (and my library card).

While we got to see Sam help fix the time line or 'string theory' of  individuals I always just hoped that he would return home for good.

Sam didn't return to his time and place. He didn't save his brother from a death in Vietnam. He did save many individuals though and boy was he working it out in dresses.

Remembering all the male characters that have been given to me through time (and how Sam, partially reappears in Chuck in brilliant casting decision). I really think I need to re-watch all of the episodes.

Oh Boy. 

Ceasing Ramble.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 13: 30 Days of TV - Favorite Childhood Show

Day 13: Your favorite childhood show

I struggled with this purely for my uncanny love for the Captain Planet theme song and remembering that I used to watch it with a blue ring with waves in it and pretended to be Linka anytime the powers were called.

But, its not Sesame Street.

There were muppets, Maria, songs, dances, learning and Kermit.

I was a latchkey kid growing up as well as having a brother that was more high-maintance than me growing up, which meant that the television was a babysitter. My mother when at home would use it as a baby sitter and Sesame Street was enthralling.

And I fell in love with the characters, but mostly Grover.

Kermit and Grover were my favorite characters. It was something in the gentle, supportive, caring nature that they expressed. Through Sesame Street I realized the traits of what was important in friends.

And I have a best friend who is the equivalent to a blend of Kermit and Grover.


So I guess this is more a friend love letter to her.

Ceasing Ramble.

Friday, January 14, 2011

An Insomnia Filled Rant of Really?

I can't sleep.

I've been trying to, but although the adorable snoring of my cat and the calming gurgle of my humidifier I just keep wondering how the last episode of Grey's Antaomy, while lovely in editing, music choice, thematic arcs and the other pieces I have praised decided the choice to take Callie, Arizona, Mark, Lexie and the viewers down was innovative and smart writing.

To me, and my often writing partner Nikki it's lazy, easy, and predictable.

I love Grey's for being a soap opera dressed up in big boy's clothes and not playing around in the cliche land that I expect soaps to mine since they are on everyday year around.

(Do not read below the cut if you have not watched the 1-13-11 episode of Grey's if so, spoilers ahead).

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 12: 30 Days of TV - An Episode You've Never Grown Tired Of...

Day 12: An episode you have never grown tired of...

Okay. The first time I watched this episode I really did watch it with the full seriousness and adoration of the female character. I appreciated what they were doing with the show, but now. Now it's just. I love it. In a completely different way. 

It's Saved By the Bell. And it's... the Hot Sundae episode.

You know the one with the caffeine pills.

I loved SBtB so much growing up I had a complete dance that I did to the theme song in our family room downstairs. It involved jumping on two couches and a lot of miming. Jessie Spano was my favorite character, she was the smart overachiever and I related to her because I was smart as well.

While I watch it now finding it ridiculous I know what finals week was like in college and the extremes that teenagers and young adolescents (or any high demand/hour job) put themselves through. Energy drinks and shots of red bull and five-hours energy push the body to stay awake longer and get more done.

I went through something like what Jessie did in high school, but without the pills. Just the pressure to be the perfect child, girlfriend, friend, student, employee and had a little breakdown. While it wasn't at the point of needing an intervention I wouldn't have minded Zack Morris giving me a hug.

So while it's cheesy, message received and thanks for the laughs in retrospect.

Ceasing Ramble.

PS. Oh My Lord... look what I found.


Day 11: 30 Days of TV - A Show That Disappointed You

Day 11: A show that disappointed you

Disappointment, for me it's more disappointing to be a great show and peter out on the stakes and that's what this show did for me.

Beth and I used to gather together in Columbia on Wednesdays for Lost nights. She lived in Jefferson City working for the Taxman and I worked for He Who Shall Not Be Named and Wednesday was food, fun, and intrigue... until they ruined it.

And it's not even the season finale, because I didn't watch that far. It's when they didn't kill Charlie (the first time) yes, I've been told that it only showed the beginnings of the mystic nature of the island and I should keep watching.

But as the house of Whedon has taught me. Death is not something you can give and take away and make me feel like the outcome of the characters is important.

I'm not sorry that I didn't stick around.

If you're going to kill someone. Do it.

Or you're a soap opera masquerading as something else.

This is short because I'm just that disappointed.

Ceasing Ramble.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 10: 30 Days of TV - Show You Wouldn't Like (or Hated), BUT

Day 10:  A show you thought you wouldn't like (or hated) but ended up loving

I have made fun of this show. A lot. I have ripped it on continuity, characterization, the unlike-ability of the lead character.

But then... Lifetime, yes the much lamented and lambasted Lifetime dished out what is my Kryptonite. They started running a marathon of this show in the summer from 5:00-8:00 and I went from disliking it on a whole  to loving the whole messy show.

When I began watching this show in the first season I thought it had everything I would love in a series. Overly verbose characters who are so self-obsessed that every intricate thing they do is only defined by the so huge they can't be kept inside feelings. It was a better produced soap opera, with better storylines, better acting, and the editing was delicious.

In fact, the editing, blocking, direction is what kept me coming back to it as my graduate school friends would crow about how they loved the characters I said the only one that did not irritate me was Dr. Callie Torres, but the book-ending, thematic arcs of the episodes, and the conscious editing down to sound design/music selection was really great.

I got blank stares.

I asked them if they actually listened to the monologues at the beginning of the episodes. They responded that they kinda did, but not really. They were watching for the eye candy as does most of the audience from what I can gather of reactions to Shonda Rhimes on twitter.

I graduated and was cable television-less for a long while so I fell out of watching the series which I was fine with since Meredith Grey was grating on my every last nerve.

So what changed a disliked show into being loved?

I realized two things in those marathons where you can see seasonal arcs as well as individual character arcs progress. The first was that the writing was actually very good and reminded me more of character studies than most shows on air at the time. The second was that Ellen Pompeo was actually acting her ass off and somehow transformed an emotionally stunted character into a smart and interesting one.

Well and the addition of Jessica Capshaw as Dr. Arizona Robbins.

I am not immune to eye candy.

I knew it had grown into full blown love when I started reading fanfiction and then convinced Nikki that we should write something with Grey's characters. How can you write what you hate?

So I watch for the surgical story lines, which I actually think are interesting. The most moving ones usually through the eyes of Lexie Grey, the better Grey, although I will always remember the sensitivity that the MTF storyline was played by Eric Dane as Mark Sloan.

The friendships on the show are better than the romances. I'll go down with that. Meredith and Cristina or Callie and Mark are more interesting than Meredith and Derek. And while I root for couplings with big pennant sized banners it's not the only reason I watch. 

Watching this show through the summer after both of my grandparents passed away was more healing to me than I really thought it would be... especially a scene in 5x19 that I almost want to save for best line, but I want to share here. In Elevator Love Letter, written by my favorite writer of the show, Stacy McKee, an old woman who has been hanging on for years and her family keeps coming to her side when they are told she only has days left has this to say to Dr. Alex Karev when he tells her not to die to make the insensitive family happy.

They're impatient. It's been a long time. But they always come. They're my people. People keep you going. People are better than no people.

We then see as she passes that the family was there... because they did love her and it hit a little too close to home after my Grandpa passed away.

But I think, like Buffy, Grey's reels you in with the big! anvil! feelings! of the episodes and you become like the surgeons where every storyline somehow hits on you or your life and that's when it sings the loudest.

Even if it's off-key at times.

Ceasing Ramble.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 9: 30 Days of TV - Best Scene Ever

Day 9: Best Scene Ever

I rolled my eyes up thinking deeply about this one. It needed to be a scene that had great camera work, score, editing, story, and when it came to me I was surprised by the answer.

The Best Scene for me is the Chase Scene/Exploring Scene in the Season Six episode three of The X-Files named Triangle.

Triangle had all the touch points for what I loved about television and The X-Files in general. It had the story of the Bermuda Triangle, time travel, humor, romance, intrigue, nods to classic films, and Nazis.

The camera work in this episode alone was brilliant. I'm a fan of the single shot camera being used as I appreciate the concentration it takes of all pieces of the fabric of a television show to make it work, but the below photos here show my favorite part where The X-Files always was at it's best with humor.

The switches between the present day and the S.S. Queen Anne in 1939 a side swipe was seen, as Mulder and "Scully" were running from the Nazis (as ones does) the screen starts to swipe, but we are taken to a split screen.The two sides of the screen show the quick running action as the other in present day Scully is slowly searching a ghost ship. The score kicks up when the crew ambushes the Nazis playing a big band variation the brass only heard in the 1939 version, the drums and winds keeping our current time sound.  But it's when it goes to split screen that it all comes together.

The two times switch sides inhabiting the screen and time period of the other as the two Scully's pass through each other they pause and turn back, then we get a screen swipe, and then another split screen when Scully enters the ballroom it swipes back and we're overtaken with a calming of the score of Mark Snow letting us know we've stopped the chase and now we're back in the present day at the cobwebbed ghost ship.

I'm not sure who I want to make out with more in this episode the score, the editing, or the screenplay itself.

Watch the whole episode and when you see what I'm talking about if you don't enjoy it... I don't think we could be friends.

Oh and I had to rewatch the episode on my Xbox to make sure I was describing it correctly as YouTube had it in no place to be found. Sad. Internet fail.

Ceasing Ramble.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 8: 30 Days of TV - Best Twist in a Series

Day 8: Best twist in a series

I have been stuck on this post for over a week. In fact, I had a conversation with my friend Kamiah about it.

Me:  I'm stuck on the TV blog. It's Best Twist. I think I'm overwhelmed, because I watch so much twisty TV.
Kamiah:  What are you thoughts?
Me:  Most of them revolve around death, because that's always a good shocking thing. But I think it should be something that you go, "Oooooooooh" everytime you see it.
Kamiah:  End of The Newhart Show. Does that count?
Me:  That was LAME So angry.
Kamiah:  Not LAME
Kamiah:  COOL
Kamiah:  YOU'RE COOL
Me:  You're Boo!
Kamiah:  Mine's better
Me:  Well you're nicer than me. And btw, I'm blogging this. It's going to be the intro to the post.

Death as an abrupt end is always a twist that cuts to the core when done right. Showing the audience that they cannot find anything to be a constant makes the choices and consequences feel like they have more weight. I would say this is the main faltering point of Heroes and Lost. The dead do not stay dead, or perhaps I just never said that I had a favorite character on that show. 

So yes, the shows that I watch are all pretty twisty and the thing that continues to shock me (although it shouldn't anymore) is the curse that I have somehow looming over me. When I state out loud, "This person is my favorite character." I have doomed them for death. I'm a Joss Whedon girl. I know that you have to earn the death to make it meaningful and the first one to make me feel the twist, was of course on Buffy.

If you have not watched Buffy, Angel, or Six Feet Under do not read below unless you want a large spoiler. Beth you can read to the cut.


"I think Jenny is my favorite character." 

SNAP! CRACKLE! Awwwww. It caused me to stop watching because I was so upset. I nearly did not pick the series back up, but I did.

"You know, Anya is so my favorite."

It slices! It dices! It also makes juilenne fries!

You'd think I'd learn.

"God I love Doyle, he just brings the whole show together. He's like the Willow."

I miss Glenn too. Sigh.

"I don't know what it is about Angel, but Lilah is the best character on this show."

That one I really didn't see coming, at least how it happened.

Beth told me I really should at this point just no longer talk about who my favorite character is ever. I still didn't learn.

"I love Conner."

"Man, I miss Cordelia so much, she was the best part of this show."

"You know Fred is the heart now that Cordy's gone."

"Hey Beth, Rach and I are members of the club 'What Wes Wants Wes Gets'"

Slice! Poof! Faghenbottom! Denied!

And even though every single one of them hurt and shocked me to some extent. (They had to tell me for an entire episode that Fred was dead. I didn't believe them. Until the very last shot and then I finally started bawling. Ask Beth. It was as snot-a-riffic as every viewing I do of that cheese-tastic Jodie Foster movie Sommersby. She has great stories about me and Sommersby.)

Nothing made me drop my jaw like a character death on Six Feet Under. A show that always has a character die in every episode, perhaps two. But this one. Is when I thought the show might be stupid and brilliant all at the same time.


I can hear her going "Ooops" followed by a giggle right now or a cackle, depends on how happy she is...

Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 7: 30 Days of TV - Least Favorite Episode of Your Favorite TV Show

Day 7 : Least favorite episode of your favorite TV show

I had the same issue in this as Jessie did even the lesser episodes of Buffy still have something that redeems them., but I believe that Inca Mummy Girl has the least.

While it continues with the theme that Xander (as well as Buffy and Willow) love lives are doomed since they live on the Hellmouth the writing is weak and the guest star, while charming when not speaking, is not so charming while speaking.

In the second season they did finally get Christophe Beck to do the score.  The incidental music really brought Buffy and Angel to life for me. Click on the links, you'll find my favorite themes are a bit of the angsty one, but I digress.

The redeeming factor of this episode? Seeing Xander eat an entire Twinkie in one bite.

(Okay fine, I it's also Oz's first episode, but even Seth Green can't fix this for me or Willow in an eskimo outfit).

Xander on Twinkies: "And the exciting part is that they have no ingredients that a human can pronounce, so it doesn't leave you with that heavy 'food' feeling in your stomach."

And while I love some physical comedy, especially from the capable hands of Nicholas Brendan, it just is all I can really love about Inca Mummy Girl.


Ceasing Ramble.