Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 26: 30 Day of TV - Season Finale Failure

Day 26: Season Finale Failure

It's been months so it must be time to do another of the 30 days of TV challenge.

Season finale failure, note that this is not series finale failure as that's a whole 'nother can of worms and also with that I won't be taking into account any series finales. It just makes it easier on my brain.

I'm putting this as a task the season finale that made me think... well I'm not going to need to watch that show anymore. I honestly don't have this thought too many times as I'll make that decision in the midst of a season more often than at the end.

A season finale merely is the final episode to tie up the thematic arcs of a show and show us either the possibilities of where the characters and stories may go or leave you with the always chancy cliffhanger.

I was the most underwhelmed with the Glee's season one finale Journey.

It had the set up to be a very well played finale with the talent of Dianna Agron, but it fizzled as the story arcs so well done in the first half of the season stared to fall apart in the second half.

Many times when Beth and I mention when talking about Glee that it got too popular too fast and fell into the trap of many of the popular shows. Playing for everyone all at once, but in doing so the characters felt less real. When Glee is written well it is great, there are moments when I get so pleased with it and there were moments in this episode... again mostly surrounding Quinn.

But it left me with an eh feeling.

I found my way back as a passive watching in the second half of the last season as a favor for my friend Michael. I'm still happy to see a 'normal' representation of LGBT youth, but I expect more.

I'll always expect a Buffy when there is a show about the high schoolers on the outskirts.

Next season they're going to have Marti Noxon... maybe I'll finally get my arcs and development back.

Ceasing Ramble.

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