Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Weigh We Fall

I came home from work today after a taxing afternoon of appointments and plopped down almost immediately in my computer chair. Chatted away while I played some American Idol - Karaoke Revolution and turned that off promptly so I could check out the Biggest Loser.

I changed into my comfy clothes and plopped back down to watch the show.

I thought about my first year of graduate school and how I was working six days a week at a movie rental place, walking around and doing stocking, a somewhat sedentary job (but with quite a bit of moving) and then I would come home and do my exercise.

Now, I have a full-time job that is eight hours of sitting. I come home and I sit.

I've become ridiculous.

So as it comes with seeing those that are worse off with me, I have a chance to not get to the point that they are... I know that part of it is from the move of the activity of the job and how I would rather do workouts at 3 pm, but it is not time to blame.

It is time to take charge.

I've weighed myself tonight.

183.3 pounds.

The heaviest I've ever been. I know that. I've known that I've gained weight, but I've ignored it.

Day by day I've ignored it.

Right now as I wrap up this post I am going to walk on the treadmill for an hour. I've been in fights with the treadmill before. I think one will be fought there tonight and the next day and the next.

Next Tuesday morning there will be an update to see who is winning.

Ceasing Ramble.

Update: 1 hr and 400 calories and I'm the victor! - - It was a tough battle and the treadmill almost won, but show tunes overpowered!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Scary Adult Things Part II

Today I got the notice that my Roth IRA funds transfer has been completed.

Called the new company I chose through cross referencing books and articles on finances and they were genuinely nice and answering my questions as a new customer.

So that hurdle is over and I set up the automatic deduction from my paycheck for a chunk to be placed into the Roth IRA. This may elate some of my friends who I called up and told them that they are secondary beneficiaries to my account.

Although, I'm still not sure if Candra knows she's on there. Surprise Candra if I and my family dies you get some moolah!

It was interesting to see the names that popped in my head about who I thought meant enough to me as a friend that I would want to help them financially if I could. I know that it's because they are the three that have helped me the most. Thank you ladies. You mean the world to me... mostly in cooked meals, crashing somewhere when I need to, and dealing with me. That last one is a biggie.

The other 'wow' moment was seeing that the bank savings account I have (which has an average daily balance over that of the online savings account) scraped up a mere penny in interest. And the online savings account... it brought in 1.17. So that was encouraging that I made a good decision there.

Otherwise I am still preaching finances to all the women in my office and we've all been talking about money, how we handle money, and how it's such a taboo among most women. So I guess when people ask what I did over my summer vacation and I reply nothing. It's really that I started to take more notice in my need to be responsible for myself fiscally.

It's still scary in being an adult, but something I'm proud that I'm stepping up to.

Now to get a ton of cats and be that crazy old cat lady.

One of these days!

Ceasing Ramble.