Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 25: 30 Days of TV - Show You Plan on Watching... But

Day 25 - A show you plan on watching, but haven't gotten around to yet (old or new)

Now, when I had started this 30 days back in December the answer to this was Friday Night Lights, but I've finally got around to plugging through since it was on Netflix watch instantly.

And, holy hell.... what took me so long?

I can see how this show is hard for some to get into as it is at times, so devastatingly true to life, but also it can show you the moments of pure love and joy. It hits really too close to home and that is scary for some viewers.

I'm finally going to be caught up this weekend and get to start in on the second airing of the last season on NBC, appropriately on Friday nights.

Everything pulls together seamlessly sometimes making me forget that I'm watching a fictional show from the editing and camera work that at times feels like you're watching a reality show.

The actors are giving the fluidity to block and act like they would on stage, the cameras coming to find them, they talk as we talk: over each other, improper sentences, and with beautiful simplistic nature.

I have soft spots for most all of the characters that they brought in: Smash Williams, Jason Street, Tyra Collette, Lyla, Julie, Landry, and Tim Riggins. But the stars of the show are the Taylors, Eric and Tami: the football coach and the coach's wife. They transcend how we have seen the study of a marriage, the give, the take, the ability to fight and forgive.

Yes, this is a show that centers around the use of sport as something that can bring together or tear apart a town. That can help bring belief and pride to teenagers who are never told they are anything other than worthless.

And as I just finished up this season four finale I'm in tears again. As much as I love Buffy, Veronica Mars, and The X-Files.... Friday Night Lights is hitting me somewhere different than any other show I've watched.

For that I'm sad that I took so long to get into Dillon, Texas... but I'm happy I'm finally able to experience the brightness of Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler as the Taylors.

Ceasing Ramble.

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It's on my list. :-)