Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 1: 30 Days of TV - Canceled Before Its Time

I clicked on a Twitter link of @hhoagie to her friend's blog last night and found a meme they were participating in called 30 Days of TV.

My eyebrows raised and my lips pursed out as I said to myself, "I like TV. I should do this..."

Hopefully you'll find this entertaining, get a show to watch out of this, or just be impressed that I start and finish something that has writing in it.

Day 1: A show that should never have been canceled.

My mind swirled around for this one I filtered through the shows that I lament on not getting to see have one more season: Firefly, Veronica Mars, Trauma (which I think I might be the only one who watched this show...)

But the one that kept coming back was Wonderfalls.

This delightful show was cut down too quickly by the Fox network (the masters of the single season cancellation). Many thought that the premise of the show; a recent university graduate with a degree in philosophy stuck in a job at a gift store in Niagara Falls who just so happened to be the reluctant conduit for messages via gift store items... to help people, was a lesser copy of the hit show Joan of Arcadia.

It wasn't.

It was better.

The snarky humor, amazing supporting cast, smart writing, fate vs. destiny, made the one and only season a bitter pill to swallow.

Oh and let's talk about that supporting cast for a moment.

Lee Pace of the also brilliant Pushing Daises as Jaye's lackadaisical brother.

Tracie Thoms of Cold Case and the movie RENT as Jaye's best friend.

Katie Finneran the recent Tony award winner from Promises, Promises as Jaye's overbearing sister. Actually I could go on for days about Katie Finneran, but I am hoping that someone who hasn't seen the show will watch it and find her as delectable as I did.

Then there is the overly cute Tyron Leitso of Being Erica and The Big C as the possible love interest for Jaye.

Guest spots by Jewel Staite and Sarah Drew only add to the caliber of acting and nuances that have me so enamored with anything to do with the show I will watch anything that an actor who was in it will appear in, like the lead Caroline Dhavernas is going to be in the new medical drama Off the Map in January, done and done.

It still impresses me the group of people that were brought together under Bryan Fuller's direction.

Just talking about this show makes me salivate for more.

(Yes, I know I have sprinkled this entry with food based descriptors... it's because the show is a treat in itself).

But I mean look...

Wouldn't you watch that show?

Ceasing Ramble.

Edited to Add:

All of Wonderfalls is actually on YouTube. I did not spend time at work with it playing.

Also if you'd like to follow along below are the friends also blogging.


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