Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 11: 30 Days of TV - A Show That Disappointed You

Day 11: A show that disappointed you

Disappointment, for me it's more disappointing to be a great show and peter out on the stakes and that's what this show did for me.

Beth and I used to gather together in Columbia on Wednesdays for Lost nights. She lived in Jefferson City working for the Taxman and I worked for He Who Shall Not Be Named and Wednesday was food, fun, and intrigue... until they ruined it.

And it's not even the season finale, because I didn't watch that far. It's when they didn't kill Charlie (the first time) yes, I've been told that it only showed the beginnings of the mystic nature of the island and I should keep watching.

But as the house of Whedon has taught me. Death is not something you can give and take away and make me feel like the outcome of the characters is important.

I'm not sorry that I didn't stick around.

If you're going to kill someone. Do it.

Or you're a soap opera masquerading as something else.

This is short because I'm just that disappointed.

Ceasing Ramble.

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rachel! said...

Hell to the YES. 100% agreement - that's when I quit watching too. Crappy-ass show.