Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 16: 30 Days of TV - Guilty Pleasure Show

Day 16: Your guilty pleasure show

A guilty pleasure show, for me, means that it's something that not necessarily all of my friends watch, but that I find such joy when I realize that someone watches it. Mostly because it's a reality show on Bravo.

But it's Top Chef.

Amongst my friends reality television is not the best thing ever to watch, but I always like to pretend that since Top Chef is a talent based competition show that it is better than the other "reality" shows.

The only thing that I wished came with Top Chef was smell-o-vision and I'd like a bite of that ability. I get pulled into the editing and squeal like a fangirl when it's one of the episodes where Gail is judging. I will have favorites that I know are formed around how the "writers" and editing team put together an episode.

There have been seasons when I was so angry at the winning chef, but I don't have the ability to taste the food so what do I know?

I will watch all forms of Top Chef, I did try to watch Top Chef Just Desserts, but the casting choices didn't have me rooting for anyone besides the judges, which... is odd. 

All I know is that I still have an unwavering love of Casey Thompson. I want to eat at her restaurant, but I don't really know if I ever want to meet her, although searching for her website I did just find her twitter account.

Ceasing Ramble.

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Dany said...

mmm, Padma.

Agreed- I am not a huge reality fan (although since my mother calls me 3 times a week to tell me about the reality shows she watches, I know more about the Bachelor then I ever care to!) I agree that Top Chef is one that takes talent to win. Good choice!