Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 17: 30 Days of TV - Best Miniseries

Day 17: Best miniseries

I'm a sucker for miniseries. It's like a marathon that I know will have quality storytelling, acting, editing, music, and EPICNESS! I was thinking between two miniseries for this either Battlestar Galactica or Band of Brothers.

Until I remembered Into the West. Into the West aired on TNT and followed two different sects of families the Wheelers in Virginia and a tribe of Lakota it follow them through generations from the young days of Jacob Wheeler setting out across the plains his path twisting together with the Lakota Thunder Heart Woman.  It feels like a western miniseries along the lines of Lonesome Dove, but it's better in every way (mostly there is not close-up pause of a snake killing someone in a river).

It twists through events of our dimly remembered frontier days and the music by Geoff Zenilli is heart-stopping. As king of the miniseries Stephen Spielberg gathers the best group to bring a vision to fruition, but really the reason to watch is Tonantzin Carmelo's portrayal of Thunder Heart Woman.

See, even Sarah likes it.

Oh and for Joss fans there are parts doled out for Alan Tudyk and Christian Kane.

When I dug into the miniseries (through DVD) Dany can attest when she would ask what I was doing it normally involved the words, "Watching Into the West and crying." or "Watching Into the West and laughing that Jessica Capshaw is playing a woman who just delivered a baby.. she's the ancestor of Dr. Robbins!"

It is six-parts and is a great way to spend a lazy weekend or sick days. I'm going to foist this on my father when I spend a week off work hanging with my parents as my Mom recovers from surgery. I think he'd appreciate a little bit of Western and I'll appreciate the strong female characters.. oh and the music.

Ceasing Ramble.

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Dany said...

I have yet to watch this mini series. I have a feeling that I will need a box of kleenex when I do watch it.