Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 14: 30 Days of TV - Favorite Male Character

Day 14: Favorite male character.

I had many characters floating through my brain from different eras of my television watching: Grover (Sesame Street), Hushpuppy (Lambchop's Play-Along), Alex P. Keaton (Family Ties), Dick Van Dyke (The Dick Van Dyke Show), Lou Grant (The Mary Tyler Moore Show), Zack Morris (Saved by the Bell), Chuck, Rick Castle, but I finally settled on one.

Dr. Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap as played by Scott Bakula.

I rooted for him every week to find a way home while getting to see small vignettes throughout the history of our country. It played with time and technology and gave Scott Bakula the ability to stretch his range showcasing comedy, drama, and at times music.

Quantum Leap is one of the few shows that my entire family came together into our snug basement every week to watch the episodes. I was eight when the show started and was fascinated with the idea of time travel and ate up the slices of the past it was feeding me (and my library card).

While we got to see Sam help fix the time line or 'string theory' of  individuals I always just hoped that he would return home for good.

Sam didn't return to his time and place. He didn't save his brother from a death in Vietnam. He did save many individuals though and boy was he working it out in dresses.

Remembering all the male characters that have been given to me through time (and how Sam, partially reappears in Chuck in brilliant casting decision). I really think I need to re-watch all of the episodes.

Oh Boy. 

Ceasing Ramble.

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Dany said...

I love this show so much it hurts. I have some great memories of my family gathering every Saturday night to watch it. And when the finale aired my mom turned to my dad and said "What the FUCK was that."

Good times!