Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 19: 30 Days of TV - Best Ensemble Cast

Day 19: Best Ensemble Cast

A lot of times when you think of an ensemble cast you're thinking of dramas like ER.

Not me, I always go for comedy. The timing in comedy is so much harder than drama and then... you get wonderful payoffs when there are moments that play serious in a comedy.

This cast was never lauded as being great or winning numerous awards. They hung on by a nail to get renewed and they gel-ed as an entire cast better than I have seen (since Mary Tyler Moore).

I'm talking about the cast of Scrubs.

They could hit all the notes and do it well. Aside from the very over the top moments I honestly think that this is closer to how a hospital operates than any drama has shown us. With morbid humor, doctors that range from obsessed with their work to obsessed with being an ass to the other doctors. Nurses that know more about patients and cases than any one else there.. and a janitor that everyone forgets to ask his name.

But if you haven't say Welcome to Sacred Heart for laughs... and a few tears.

Ensemble High Five!

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CSpotGo said...

I could listen to Sarah Chalke "frik" for hours.

That sounded much less dirty in my head.