Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 20: 30 Days of TV - Favorite Kiss

Day 20: Favorite Kiss

I'm cheating a little bit. I'm going to break it up into time periods of my life.

Childhood - In childhood, kissing was either gross or funny and usually I landed on the funny side of the fence. This is my favorite kiss from my childhood.

Yes, Bugs Bunny's infamous smooch that he laid on Elmer Fudd more than we knew. Perhaps they were Kirk/Spock before we had even thought of it.  Buggs even cross-dressed too, how progressive Looney Tunes.

Adolescence - It's no secret I loved soap operas. They were the maudlin release to such an overwrought teenage self. The romance that pulled me in on General Hospital was Robin Scorpio and Stone Cates. As soaps are wont to do they inject social commentary and health issues right into the arm of many relationships. Robin and Stone's was of HIV/AIDS. I apologize for the quality of the clip, it's the best I could find on YouTube, but in the final scenes with Stone the simple act of a kiss broke my heart.

This was still in a time when HIV/AIDS was a scary unknown and lead me to realize that you can touch and even kiss a person infected with this indiscriminate killer. For a young teenager this storyline put faces to a disease I had only vaguely heard about and humanized it. I think it is the best storyline that General Hospital has done and I'm happy to see that they're continuing the discussion of HIV/AIDS with the return of Robin.

College - Interestingly enough my college years battled with three shows; the ending of The X-Files, Buffy, and JAG. Yes, JAG. And this kiss while I was screaming no at the screen (I'm very against characters cheating) my inner self was fist pumping a big Hoorah!

As you can see I was still really into the DRAMA! at that point.

Post-College (Columbia) - This is when the L Word premiered and was good for approximately one and a half seasons. Again I found myself rooting for a kiss that had cheating tied to it, what personal angst for me!

Graduate School - In Graduate School I didn't really watch a lot of television because, well I was doing homework and oh yeah, I opted to not have internet or cable at my house. So I'd just poach off of other friends. What I did do though... was watch a lot of television on dvd, but I did always make sure to watch Veronica Mars.

And I always cheer for the less popular "good guy". Sadly I can't embed this so you'll have to click on the link to go all in.

Nowadays - Now, with Netflix streaming and glorious HD cable I watch a lot of television. It's nearing ridiculous proportions.

But this one.. it's all about hope to me and unexpected hope at that. Yes, it's quite a bit of scene, but pretend that you don't like every bit. (Btw, the part about the six-pack to an AA meeting 125% true).

Please disagree with me and tell me why or what your favorites are...

Ceasing Ramble.

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