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Day 8: 30 Days of TV - Best Twist in a Series

Day 8: Best twist in a series

I have been stuck on this post for over a week. In fact, I had a conversation with my friend Kamiah about it.

Me:  I'm stuck on the TV blog. It's Best Twist. I think I'm overwhelmed, because I watch so much twisty TV.
Kamiah:  What are you thoughts?
Me:  Most of them revolve around death, because that's always a good shocking thing. But I think it should be something that you go, "Oooooooooh" everytime you see it.
Kamiah:  End of The Newhart Show. Does that count?
Me:  That was LAME So angry.
Kamiah:  Not LAME
Kamiah:  COOL
Kamiah:  YOU'RE COOL
Me:  You're Boo!
Kamiah:  Mine's better
Me:  Well you're nicer than me. And btw, I'm blogging this. It's going to be the intro to the post.

Death as an abrupt end is always a twist that cuts to the core when done right. Showing the audience that they cannot find anything to be a constant makes the choices and consequences feel like they have more weight. I would say this is the main faltering point of Heroes and Lost. The dead do not stay dead, or perhaps I just never said that I had a favorite character on that show. 

So yes, the shows that I watch are all pretty twisty and the thing that continues to shock me (although it shouldn't anymore) is the curse that I have somehow looming over me. When I state out loud, "This person is my favorite character." I have doomed them for death. I'm a Joss Whedon girl. I know that you have to earn the death to make it meaningful and the first one to make me feel the twist, was of course on Buffy.

If you have not watched Buffy, Angel, or Six Feet Under do not read below unless you want a large spoiler. Beth you can read to the cut.


"I think Jenny is my favorite character." 

SNAP! CRACKLE! Awwwww. It caused me to stop watching because I was so upset. I nearly did not pick the series back up, but I did.

"You know, Anya is so my favorite."

It slices! It dices! It also makes juilenne fries!

You'd think I'd learn.

"God I love Doyle, he just brings the whole show together. He's like the Willow."

I miss Glenn too. Sigh.

"I don't know what it is about Angel, but Lilah is the best character on this show."

That one I really didn't see coming, at least how it happened.

Beth told me I really should at this point just no longer talk about who my favorite character is ever. I still didn't learn.

"I love Conner."

"Man, I miss Cordelia so much, she was the best part of this show."

"You know Fred is the heart now that Cordy's gone."

"Hey Beth, Rach and I are members of the club 'What Wes Wants Wes Gets'"

Slice! Poof! Faghenbottom! Denied!

And even though every single one of them hurt and shocked me to some extent. (They had to tell me for an entire episode that Fred was dead. I didn't believe them. Until the very last shot and then I finally started bawling. Ask Beth. It was as snot-a-riffic as every viewing I do of that cheese-tastic Jodie Foster movie Sommersby. She has great stories about me and Sommersby.)

Nothing made me drop my jaw like a character death on Six Feet Under. A show that always has a character die in every episode, perhaps two. But this one. Is when I thought the show might be stupid and brilliant all at the same time.


I can hear her going "Ooops" followed by a giggle right now or a cackle, depends on how happy she is...

Nate's seizure leading up to the ending was the event I just didn't see coming.

But then? Then those bastards made me forget that I was watching the opening of Six Feet Under in the next episode. Brilliant. When I saw the white card flash I knew that I was in for one hell of a ride for the end of the series. And trust me I'll be talking about that series finale.

Also, I still haven't learned to stop naming my favorite character. I think I've doomed Arizona Robbins on Grey's Anatomy. I should have listened to Beth more. Heh, too bad it'll take her a year before she reads that part.

Me: I think your 30 days would be so interesting. It'd be like a Mary-Palooza
Kamiah:  Yes, it'd be that with a bit of Dick thrown in
Van Dyke
Me:  Hahaha... Oh my God I'm dying
Kamiah:  Blog that.
Me:  I'll end it with that.
Kamiah:  And now all you have to do is write the middle.
Me:  Hm.

It's moments like these that I realize my friends are so awesome.

Ceasing Ramble.

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