Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 12: 30 Days of TV - An Episode You've Never Grown Tired Of...

Day 12: An episode you have never grown tired of...

Okay. The first time I watched this episode I really did watch it with the full seriousness and adoration of the female character. I appreciated what they were doing with the show, but now. Now it's just. I love it. In a completely different way. 

It's Saved By the Bell. And it's... the Hot Sundae episode.

You know the one with the caffeine pills.

I loved SBtB so much growing up I had a complete dance that I did to the theme song in our family room downstairs. It involved jumping on two couches and a lot of miming. Jessie Spano was my favorite character, she was the smart overachiever and I related to her because I was smart as well.

While I watch it now finding it ridiculous I know what finals week was like in college and the extremes that teenagers and young adolescents (or any high demand/hour job) put themselves through. Energy drinks and shots of red bull and five-hours energy push the body to stay awake longer and get more done.

I went through something like what Jessie did in high school, but without the pills. Just the pressure to be the perfect child, girlfriend, friend, student, employee and had a little breakdown. While it wasn't at the point of needing an intervention I wouldn't have minded Zack Morris giving me a hug.

So while it's cheesy, message received and thanks for the laughs in retrospect.

Ceasing Ramble.

PS. Oh My Lord... look what I found.



Betty (Beth) said...

BAH!!!!! I haven't even read this yet, but this is my initial comment. AWESOME.

Betty (Beth) said...

Also, please tell me that last video was from some sort of Saved By the Bell Musical.

Excellent choice. I've been wanting to include SBtB as well, and I think you picked the perfect scene.

Dany said...

I love this episode SO MUCH. it's not even funny!