Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 9: 30 Days of TV - Best Scene Ever

Day 9: Best Scene Ever

I rolled my eyes up thinking deeply about this one. It needed to be a scene that had great camera work, score, editing, story, and when it came to me I was surprised by the answer.

The Best Scene for me is the Chase Scene/Exploring Scene in the Season Six episode three of The X-Files named Triangle.

Triangle had all the touch points for what I loved about television and The X-Files in general. It had the story of the Bermuda Triangle, time travel, humor, romance, intrigue, nods to classic films, and Nazis.

The camera work in this episode alone was brilliant. I'm a fan of the single shot camera being used as I appreciate the concentration it takes of all pieces of the fabric of a television show to make it work, but the below photos here show my favorite part where The X-Files always was at it's best with humor.

The switches between the present day and the S.S. Queen Anne in 1939 a side swipe was seen, as Mulder and "Scully" were running from the Nazis (as ones does) the screen starts to swipe, but we are taken to a split screen.The two sides of the screen show the quick running action as the other in present day Scully is slowly searching a ghost ship. The score kicks up when the crew ambushes the Nazis playing a big band variation the brass only heard in the 1939 version, the drums and winds keeping our current time sound.  But it's when it goes to split screen that it all comes together.

The two times switch sides inhabiting the screen and time period of the other as the two Scully's pass through each other they pause and turn back, then we get a screen swipe, and then another split screen when Scully enters the ballroom it swipes back and we're overtaken with a calming of the score of Mark Snow letting us know we've stopped the chase and now we're back in the present day at the cobwebbed ghost ship.

I'm not sure who I want to make out with more in this episode the score, the editing, or the screenplay itself.

Watch the whole episode and when you see what I'm talking about if you don't enjoy it... I don't think we could be friends.

Oh and I had to rewatch the episode on my Xbox to make sure I was describing it correctly as YouTube had it in no place to be found. Sad. Internet fail.

Ceasing Ramble.

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